Phorest share COVID-19 guide for salon owners

Phorest Salon Software have launched an online resource for Salon Owners - ‘Coronavirus Best Practice'. 

The webpage is dedicated to providing key information and planning techniques that salon owners and industry professionals should adopt in order to prepare for the effects that Coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on their business and team members.

Whilst there is no ‘100% preventive' strategy, Phorest have suggested best practices that can be put in place to facilitate the health and wellbeing of all individuals stepping into your salon. 

Their online resource also includes planning strategies that can be developed to anticipate detrimental business scenarios caused by COVID-19. Areas covered include Staff Management, Client Management, and Business Management.

Salon owners can download Phorest's Salon Owners Coronavirus communication pack resources including Social Media Graphics, Email Templates, Posters and a ‘Salon Best Practice Document For Staff'.