Pete Wicks stars in Fudge's ‘Near the Chair’

Hair care brand, Fudge Professional, has launched its second instalment of its social media mini-series, In The Chair, hosted by Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Andrew.

Renamed ‘Near the Chair' to fit with these COVID-secure times, the latest episode sees Jonathan meet TOWIE's Pete Wicks. 

The mini-series aims to explore the relationship between a hairdresser and their client, and launched in April with an episode featuring Made in Chelsea star and Strictly Coming Dancing contestant, Jamie Laing.

Commenting on episode 2 of In The Chair, Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador, says:

“Our first episode with Jamie Laing was a great success and when we launched it at the beginning of lockdown, it went down really well and gave the hair community a bit of light relief.  This episode is continuing the theme about the hairdresser and client relationship and once you sit down in that chair, all caution is out the window, and you end up spilling all your secrets, hopes, fears and dreams to the stylist through the mirror in front of you. This time, I'm cutting the hair of TOWIE legend, Pete Wicks and once again, creating excellent TV watching.

“Pete is renowned for his long hair. He'd not had it cut for 10 months and it wasn't really his crowning glory anymore It was definitely time to tackle it with the scissors.”

Jonathan adds: 

“Pete was so easy to chat to and it was great he was up for a real hair change I took off 6 inches and it took him back to his early days on TOWIE, even he admitted the health and feel of his hair, was so much better. He dubbed it Preppy Pete! Due to social distancing and filming plus Pete's admittance he has no clue how to style his hair, I decided to get Pete to do his own styling, so he knew how to do it at home We worked with his fav Fudge Professional Salt Spray and I also introduced him to the new Fudge Professional Matte Hed Mouldable to work with his natural curls and texture.”

Watch the episode online