Oritree introduce new Hot Film Wax Pellets

Oritree Optimum Hot Film Wax PelletsWaxing specialists Oritree® have launched Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets for intimate waxing.

Suitable for both bikini and facial waxing, the melted pellets are also effective at removing hair from larger treatment areas as well.

Like the brand's Hot Wax Chunks, the wax pellets are crafted to provide waxing professionals with a gentle formulation that remains extremely pliable for superior hair removal action, removing hairs as short as 2mm. It is formulated with Pure Beeswax which helps the wax to adhere to the hair only, gripping strongly whilst without becoming brittle, and removing hair without the need for wax strips.

Supplied in a 1kg bag, Oritree's pellets can be easily decanted to the quantity required per treatment to ensure less waste, and the bag then resealed to maintain quality. 

Oritree®'s Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets are available from wholesalers nationwide.