Nima Brush unveil make-up brush rebrand

Nima Brush have rebranded their entire line of cosmetic brushes, as well as utilised the latest technology to restructure some of their products. 

Established seven years ago by Niamh Martin, Nima Brush is renowned for their high quality and high spec design of their cosmetic tools. The new branding embraces the company's iconic mint green velvet brush handles and brushed gold ferules, with new matte mint green and bright foil light reflective gold in the products' luxurious packaging. 

A new Mint Gold Tube collection has also been launched, with three new sets of brushes ideal for gifting. 

Product development has seen brushes restructured to utilise the brand's award-winning NimaFil technology. This design, launched last year in their vegan collection, features a synthetic hair designed to match the scientific structure and make up of natural animal hair. NimaFil has now been rolled out across other products in the Nima Brush range including the Flat Head Kabuki, Round Head Kabuki, The Rosie Powder Brush, the Blaithin Tapered Blush, The Ollie Blender and The Emma Concealer Brush.

Where there is still a demand for high grade animal hair brushes, Nima use only cruelty free, brushed hair.