New survey shows Irish cosmetic buying habits

New data reveals that the average Irish woman spends around €393 in a year on cosmetics, owning an average of 22 beauty products, whilst men spend just €210 annually. 

The research, conducted in June by, showed that most of the Irish women surveyed (56%) choose price as a major factor determining the purchase. Cosmetic ingredients are crucial for 54% of the surveyed women, whilst 40% chose brand of cosmetics. Less important for women are friends' opinions (18%) and influencers' recommendations (16%).

A slight majority of surveyed men (38%) said that the main factor in determining their choice is price, however the brand is also important for 35% of male respondents. 

Fifty percent of Irish females surveyed buy cosmetics when they are discounted, in reserve, with 19% purchasing cosmetics when they run out and 31% whenever they feel like it.

As opposed to women, Irish men usually buy cosmetics when they run out (60%), with 24% buying cosmetics when they are discounted, and 16% when they feel like buying. 

Twenty-three percent of women surveyed always buy environmentally-friendly cosmetics, whilst 11% don't have any interest in the ecological aspect of beauty products, however 66% of surveyed women said that they only choose ‘green' cosmetics only when the price is reasonable. Almost half of the surveyed men declared that they do not care about products' ecological aspect, with 45% buying such cosmetics when the price is reasonable, and 12% preferring eco products no matter what. prepared their report on survey results conducted among 9,300 people in 44 countries in June 2020.