Million Dollar Facial reveals skin nutraceutical

Skincare brand Million Dollar Facial have launched the Medi+ Cocktails skincare range.

Available in three flavours, these new nutraceutical skin cocktails can be ingested as a single shot as well as mixed with non-alcoholic mixers such as fruit juice and soda water to create an appetising skincare cocktail. 

Million Dollar Facial Medi+ Cocktails are designed to complement the Million Dollar Facial treatment or taken alone as part of a daily skincare routine. They are available in berry flavoured Firm Lift with Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen; orange flavoured Regenerate with Hyaluronic acid, collagen and MSM to aid with hair, skin and nail growth; and lemon flavoured Hydrate with hydrating nutrients. Medi+ Cocktails are also vegan, gluten free and sugar free.

Commenting on the launch of Million Dollar Medi+ Cocktails, creator and developer Jenna Unwin, says:

“"Million Dollar Medi+ Cocktails have been designed and created to supplement and support our, in clinic Million Dollar Facials and Medi+ home cosmeceutical range. These daily cocktails are clinically evidenced and will support both wellbeing and appearance. Some molecules are too large to penetrate our skin or are not water soluble, so it is important that we have sufficient nutrients and building blocks available to support a younger, healthier appearance. Some of these nutrients are often difficult to factor into our diets so by having the drinks this makes it a lot easier to consume."