Limerick clinic introduces no-downtime laser facial

Byonik Skin26 LimerickSKIN26 Clinic in Limerick has introduced the Byonik laser facial treatment that syncs with clients' heartbeat.

NASA scientists have discovered there is an optimal moment when skin cells can absorb moisture and it is linked to the millisecond before the heart actually beats. Using this knowledge, the Byonik uses a combination of laser and NIR light combined with the intelligence of pulse triggered technology to plump and clear the skin, achieving the same results as a laser facial in a shorter amount of time without the pain or downtime that many laser facials require.

The personalised treatment stimulates cell processes and introduces Hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants into the skin at the optimal time. Following treatment, the skin's elastin can move more freely, elasticity improves, the skin receives intensive moisture and gains volume, and contours become more defined. In most cases the effects can be seen following the first treatment.

Byonik Skin26 LimerickCommenting on the introduction of the Byonik treatment, Cait Earley, founder and owner of SKIN26, says:

“At SKIN26 Beauty, we are thrilled to add Byonik to our advanced treatments. As with all our treatments, SKIN26 Beauty has hand selected and invested in the most innovative products. Our in-house scientist has extensively studied the research for Byonik - it is a non-thermal laser and is the most advanced treatment on the market. Continuing with our holistic approach, focused on anti-inflammation and in line with our ethos of inclusivity; a treatment that can be used for all conditions and skin types.”

She adds:

“All our Skin Specialists are now trained in Byonik; this treatment will offer advanced therapies for the promotion of good skin health with no downtime and non-aggressive approach.”