Light Elegance unveil Come on Over Kit

Professional nail brand Light Elegance has launched the Come on Over Kit designed to enable existing enhancement-trained technicians to easily switch to Light Elegance Hard Gel products.

The Light Elegance range includes products for natural nail manicures, glitter gel overlays and nail extensions. 

The Come Over Kits features enough product for 30 full sets of enhancements or 60 infills using a combination of the various structure and decoration gels including JimmyGel Soak-off Building Base, Super Shiny Sample, Tack Sample, Flamingle ButterCream Color Gel, Tiny Diamond Glitter Gel, Rosey Posey Color Gel, Ideal Pink Builder Lexy Line Gel, Extreme Lexy Line Gel, LEpro Cuticle Oil, LEpro Cleanser, Bling Brush #6 Gel Polish, 20 Light Elegance Nail Forms and 20 LEpro Wipes.

Light Elegance's Come On Over Kit is available from Sweet Squared.