Light Elegance launches innovative colour display system

When you have an extended collection of nail colours it can be hard to display them to clients in an easy to choose way whilst also adding your new season shades. To make colour selection simple, Light Elegance has introduced the LE Color Mother, a modular design that showcases 120 individual swatch tips that can be reorganised and replaced. 

The Light Elegance LE Color Mother includes a Swatch Loop designed to fit inside your curing lamp, so you can polish 10 tips at a time, cure and insert them into your Color Mother. The Swatch Loop can also be used as a standalone display.

In addition, there's a Swatch Strip which holds 10 tips at a time. You can insert up to 12 Swatch Strips into your LE Color Mother enabling you to tidily display 120 different shades. Each strip easily snaps out so clients can place the coloured tip onto their own nail eliminating the guess work of how a colour will look against their skin tone.

Commenting on the LE Color Mother, Light Elegance co-founder Lezlie McConnell says:

“As we all know, selecting the perfect colour for that special occasion or just the mood we are feeling is so important. Allowing clients to see colours all laid out in a beautiful, well organised presentation is extremely important.  With the LE Color Mother, not only are clients able to see the colours but are able to place these fabulous palettes over their nail beds to find the perfect shade for their skin tone! The LE Color Mother is the perfect expression of our love for colour at Light Elegance!” 

Light Elegance's LE Color Mother is available from Sweet Squared.