Light Elegance X Celina Ryden gel nails brushes

Nail brand Light Elegance has introduced the Celina Ryden Signature Set of gel nail brushes. 

Each brush in the collection has been created for specific gel work, and comes in a handy brush holder to keep you organised whilst you work.

The Celina Ryden Signature Set includes Shorty for small and tiny details, Swirly for swirls and long strokes, Lil' Fluff for adding Pretties or Sugar highlights to your design with precision, Block for filling in larger patches, creating marble effects and precise colour line application, Stripy for long, straight strokes, and Fluff Daddy for adding Pretties to your nail design or brushing excess glitter off the nail. 

Nail artist Celina Ryden was named Light Elegance's Brand Ambassador and International Educator in 2016. 

The set is available in the UK and Ireland from Sweet Squared.