Hive introduce four new Galvanic Gels

Hive® Solutions have introduced new Galvanic Gels for use during advanced treatments that feature galvanic (+/-) current.

The new gels offer high levels of absorption and nourishment to the deeper levels of skin when used in conjunction with a galvanic current. They can also be used without galvanic or electrical current as an added stage of a facial, body or massage treatment.

Each gel, of which there are four to choose from, contains a selection of key ingredients and properties to benefit specific skin types and different concerns, such as minimising fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and giving a radiant glow.

Choose from Aloe Vera Galvanic Gel for combination/oily skin types featuring Aloe Vera and Cucumber fruit extract; Desincrustation Galvanic Gel with anti-inflammatory Horse Chestnut extract for problem/congested skin; Vitamin E Galvanic Gel for dry skin with Vitamin E, Wheat Protein and Silk extracts; Collagen Galvanic Gel with Collagen and Elastin to firm, tone and improve skin elasticity; and Rose Galvanic Gel with Rose Damask to calm, soothe and hydrate mature skin.

The new Hive® Solutions range of Galvanic Gels are available from wholesalers nationwide.