Grüum reveals new antioxidant SPF50 lotion

grüum Skyda Daily Defense LotionSkincare brand grüum has launched skyda Daily Defence Lotion, formulated with SPF50 and Vitamin E to protect the complexion against a number of environmental stressors.

This lightweight lotion provides UVA and high UVB protection against the sun's harmful rays, as well as daily pollution and free radicals.

Easily-absorbed and water resistant, the lotion is fragrance-free and suitable for all skin-types, including sensitive.   

Gruum Skyda Daily Defence LotionCommenting on the launch of skyda Daily Defence Lotion, grüum Co-founder Beth Sleigh says: 

“We know how important it is to wear SPF every day to help prevent sun damage and reduce the signs of ageing. But high quality SPF is traditionally expensive and can be thick and greasy, which puts people off using it regularly. By introducing our skyda Daily Defence Lotion, which both feels great and is affordable, we hope to encourage more people to use sun protection every day.”