Glitter Lips distributor revealed for Dubai

Beauty BLVD Glitter Lips DubaiPaula Short, Managing Director of Beauty BLVD, recently met with the brand's distributors and stockists in Dubai. 

The brand, founded by Paula Short and Rachel De Caux in 2013 with the original Glitter Lips Kits, is now available in the UK, Greece, Italy, Russia, Australia and India, and now in the Middle East.

As well as being stocked in salons in Dubai, Beauty BLVD also have a beauty stand in Debenhams in the Emirates Mall.

Commenting on the growth into the Middle East, Paula Short, Co-founder of Beauty BLVD, says: 

We came from humble beginnings, starting with our ground-breaking concept of Glitter Lips, and have worked tirelessly to get where we are today, by taking full advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.”