Fun Festive Make Up

Hello everyone and welcome back to the last issue of the year – crazy to think we're at this stage! Now that we can totally focus on the C word - being Christmas of course – it would be rude not to dedicate this issue's column to some of the staples of festive season fun when it comes to makeup.

Gold glitter

I always used to laugh when I was doing lots of occasion makeup because it felt that the minute November hit and work parties were being organised that it was nearly a given that people felt they should wear gold glitter. There's no doubt that it is a staple for the season but I would be conscious of going over the top with it too. Placing some into the tear duct or onto the lid is lovely but make sure to always have matte shadows in with it so keep that the blend and flawless look. Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy is a very popular choice and it's a thin glitter too.

Red is rampant

I probably didn't even need to include this, as I'm sure you're all aware of how popular a red lip is this time of year. However, it's not always the easiest to get right. My biggest advice when doing a red lip on clients is to prep the lips, which may involve a light exfoliating balm – this is important to remove dead skin that is very common this time of year with dry lips. If this skin isn't exfoliated it will totally interfere with the lipstick finish.

Secondly, definitely bring a lip liner into the mix because this will help to hold the colour and to stop it bleeding. And then lastly don't just go for one red because it's what you have in your makeup bag or salon choose one with the right undertone for your client. Reds can have a notably cool or warm

undertone, which make a huge difference depending on your clients coloring. MAC Red is definitely in my top three red lipsticks ever.

Lashes, lashes, lashes

Lashes are definitely not just a festive season hit because let's be honest they make such a difference that they are addictive! What I used to find a lot was that clients would be coming in with their own lashes that they had bought and sometimes it was a bit restricting because they may not have been a style that suited them. Make sure that the smaller the eye the less heavy and dark the lash is, otherwise you won't see anything beyond them. How you prep the lash is really important also, take it out of the pack and start to bend each side if it's a strip to get the flex going. This can be done in your fingers or around a makeup brush if you prefer. Then I would apply the glue. I would tend to fit the lash from the centre of the client's eye first and then focus on the edges but this is really down to what suits you. Ardell Demi Wispies are a firm favourite of mine. If you have any questions on any of the above or want to know more you can find me at:

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Please do get in touch if you would like anything covered in this column.