Festive sparkle from new ButterBling collection

Light Elegance have launched a twist on their ButterCreams gels mixing them with glitter to create the new ButterBlings collection just in time for Christmas. 

Featuring the same buttery application that the ButterCream range is renowned for, ButterBling gels feature an ultra-high concentration of premium pigments along with glitters, to enable you to create stunning nail effects. 

The new ButterBling collection features a holographic fine glitter that creates a multi-coloured disco ball effect (Holo), a rich sapphire-blue that produces a metallic foil effect (Sapphire), a black opal effect with a metallic myriad of fuchsia, turquoise and peacock greens (Black Opal), and a metallic jade-green which sparkles and shines with a foil effect (Jade). 

Commenting on the ButterBling collection, Lexy McLellan, Light Elegance Graphic Designer, says:

“When you apply the ButterBlings, the experience is totally unique and unlike anything I've ever had on my nails. ButterBlings feel like superpowers at your fingertips, and I'm not sure if I can ever wear anything else. ButterBlings for life!”