Famous faces gather at Cosmetic Fairies event

Cosmetic Fairies and TeethWhitening Fairies held an evening of pampering, mini facials and teeth whitening recently to celebrate the launch of their latest treatments.

The event, held at the Iveagh Garden Hotel in Dublin, saw the introduction of Cosmetic Fairies' Bee Venom Facials and Carbon Laser Facials as well as TeethWhitening Fairies' Teeth Sparkling Kit.

Aisling Burke, Teeth Whitening Fairies and co-founder of Cosmetic Fairies, and Michelle Furey Lawlor of Cosmetic Fairies, welcomed famous faces including Miss Ireland Pamela Uba, Tik Tok star Jamie Lo, Dancers Laura Nolan and Paul Ryder, and Stylist Cathy O'Connor.

Influencers Nicole Gaffney and Mandy Maher, Avila Lipsett, and models Eabha O'Donohue and Mary Kate Slattery were also present.

Located in Crumlin, Cosmetic Fairies offer a number of non-surgical treatments designed to treat and speed up the skin's natural responses.

In addition to their newest treatments, the company also offer laser hair removal using the Milesman Cool Touch Hair Removal Laser Machine, the Enhance Breast and Butt Lifting Machine, Hydrafacials, bespoke Stress Facials, LED treatment, and Reform Skincare Facials.

TeethWhitening Fairies new Teeth Sparkling Kit includes the brand's new stronger PAP whitening gel and whitening strips, along with an improved LED Light for at-home whitening.

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