Expert Advice: Spring cleaning skincare regimes as the seasons change

Skincare expert Kathy Wilcox looks at changing skincare from winter to spring.

Kathy Wilcox DMK Chleo EnterprisesSpring is upon us, time to change up your clients' skincare routines! Yes! Changing skincare with the seasons is highly recommended. You don't have to make drastic changes; it can be a simple as changing a day cream to something a little lighter or adding a good quality serum with pigmentation busting ingredients.

Here are some of my top tips for transitioning skincare from winter to spring/summer. 

The change from cold to warmer weather can cause various skin issues for a lot of people. You may notice an increase in the skin's natural oil flow which can cause breakouts and acne flareups. For some people, Spring allergens like pollen can increase the amount of histamine in the blood causing inflammation, making the skin reactive. This can trigger itchiness and eczema flareups. 

This is why it's a good idea to change up a skincare routine as the seasons change; set aside winter skincare and create a new spring routine. 

Changing a moisturiser
Swapping day cream for something a little lighter is key during the warmer months. The rich heavy moisturiser used in winter may leave skin feeling congested, greasy and shiny. Try switching to a lightweight cream that will still leave skin feeling healthy and hydrated; ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Green Tea are some to look out for. 

It's a good idea to change up a skincare routine as the seasons change; set aside winter skincare and create a new spring routine.

Winter weather can leave a build-up of dead skin cells, this can make the skin look dull and lack lustre. Gently exfoliating off old skin cells is a must for healthy vibrant youthful skin. So, what kind of exfoliator is the best? Chemical exfoliants work a lot deeper than a Physical exfoliant. Physical exfoliants like scrubs can give immediate results but they only remove the surface layer of the skin and depending on how gritty or coarse they are over time excessive use can do more harm than good. A gentle chemical exfoliant containing Glycolic, Lactic or Malic acid will effectively remove dull, dead cell build-up and promote healthy cell regeneration with minimal irritation. 

Layer on the SPF 

Coming into Spring we see longer days, hooray I hear you shout! But with this increase in UV exposure, SPF is a must! 

Spending lots of money on good skincare is pointless if you're not wearing SPF daily. For healthy youthful skin, add a good quality broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunblock. 

Look for a lightweight non-oily formula to prevent clogging pores, and go with ingredients like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide. Those prone to irritated skin should avoid ingredients like alcohol and fragrances. 

Pigment Busters

With more sun exposure also comes the dreaded pigmentation. Products containing pigment busting ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and Liquorice Root are at the top of my list. A good serum that can be used day and night underneath any cream or SPF is best. 

Spring Clean

Spring cleaning make-up bags is essential, and throwing away products over six months old is a good place to start. Old products can build up a multitude of bacteria which can lead to congestion, breakouts and dull skin. 

Also, something as simple as washing make-up brushes and sponges regularly will have a huge impact on the overall health of the skin. Gently wash with a mild cleanser, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clean and leave to dry flat. 

Kathy Wilcox is National Trainer for DMK skincare, available from Chleo Enterprises