ENVIE reveal lightweight 3D luxury eyelashes

Eyelash brand ENVIE Lashes has recently launched lightweight 3D luxury strip eyelashes, created to offer comfort alongside dramatic style.

The ENVIE Lashes range, which is handcrafted, features 12 different sets of styles across its 3D Mink, 3D Faux Mink and Premium Silk collections. 

To achieve maximum comfort for wearers, the brand pays special attention to the style of bands used for each lash style. Lightweight bands have the durability to provide extra security when it comes to applying fuller stick-on lashes, and have been developed by ENVIE's production team following customer feedback to provide a more comfortable material for wearers. 

Gaining popularity, ENVIE Lashes are already a favourite amongst bloggers, TV presenters and make-up artists on Instagram and YouTube.