Dr Renaud refresh Iris anti-ageing range

French skincare brand Dr Renaud has refreshed formulations and rebranded their Iris Anti-ageing range, now known as Dr Renaud Iris Radiance Lift Care, with a professional treatment along with salon products and a retail line. 

The revived formulation not only targets obvious signs of ageing including lack of firmness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but now also works to preserve an even complexion improving skin tone and reducing pigmentation spots. 

Key ingredient is organic Iris extract, which improves and preserves skin quality as it ages, and Iris stem cells and Iris Polyphenois help skin cells to regenerate and fight against lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid and Tamarind extract provide long-lasting hydration whilst Vitamin E fights free radical damage and Oat Sugar, Hibiscus and Baobab maintain the skin's tone and firmness.  All product formulations also contain Dr Renaud's Neuro-Phyto-Oxygenating Complex, a patented system designed to stimulate the synthesis of Dopamine and boost cellular oxygenation.

In the salon, the Dr Renaud Iris Youthness & Firming Treatment is a 60-minute facial featuring a new professional mask which combines a powder and lotion. The treatment also includes the signature Dr Renaud welcome massage and a 25-minute Lifting Modelling Method facial massage designed to fight the signs of ageing and leave skin glowing and radiant.

Five retail items are also available: Lifting and Firming Serum, Firming & Radiance Cream, Eye Contour Cream, Instant Wrinkle & Pore Filler, and Lift & Radiance Mask.

Dr Renaud's Iris Radiance Lift Care collection is available, along with training, from Skin Evolution UK-Ltd.