Dibi Milano launch Acid Infusion renewing peels

Dibi Milano Acid InfusionItalian skincare and spa brand, Dibi Milano, is introducing Acid Infusion, a renewing and bioactivating salon treatment and retail line formulated with Pyruvic Acid. 

Active ingredients work in synergy, including a 100% infusion of unique active ingredients of pure acids and dermoactive ingredients to renew the epidermis, stimulate skin tissue and fight the signs of chrono and photo-ageing.

Professional Dibi Milano Acid Infusion 50-minute salon treatments include the Vitamin C Peel, designed to treat photo-ageing, uneven skin tone, dull skin, and oily or congested skin. 

The Retinol Peel has been formulated for advanced aged skin, uneven skin tone, and dry or dehydrated skin. Formulated with Pyruvic Acid, Retinol and Ferulic Acid the peel aims to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Antioxidant Peel treatment is designed to treat Chrono-ageing, pigmentation and environmentally damaged Skin. This includes a combination of high-performing anti-oxidant Phytic Acid and Resveratrol which protects the skin from external aggressions and prevents the signs of skin ageing.

In addition, a collection of Acid Infusion home care products enables clients to maintain results between salon treatments. These home care products should also be used for one week prior to the first professional treatment to prepare the skin.

The collection includes Peeling Night Cream Pure Pyruvic Acid + Allantoin, No-Age Restructuring Cream, and PA++ Pure Glycyrrhetinic Acid + Vitamin F SPF day cream, in addition to the Acid Infusion No-Age Bioactivating Treatment, a targeted two-week intensive treatment of 14 ampules to treat skin imperfections and signs of chrono and photo-ageing.

Commenting on the launch of the Acid Infusion collection, Andrea O'Donnell, National Educator, Dibi Milano Ireland, says:

“The gentle salon treatments and home care products are suitable for everyone - all ages and skin types. The Acid Infusion treatment is perfect for young skin because its aim is to prevent and renew, while for more mature skin, it repairs and has a protective anti-oxidant action. The formulas are suitable for all skin types: dry, combination, normal and sensitive.”