Dermalogica reveal Phyto-nature Firming Serum

Dermalogica Phyto-nature Firming SerumDermalogica have revealed their latest AGE Smart® serum. Phyto-nature Firming Serum is a dual-phase serum combining highly-active botanicals with biomimetic technology to reawaken and safeguard the nature of younger-looking skin. 

The latest epigenetics research suggests that up to 50% of visible signs of skin ageing come from your exposome, not just your genes as previously thought; that is factors such as, UV exposure, climate, pollution, diet, stress and sleep. 

Using biomimicry, a scientific approach that mimics nature to solve complex human challenges, this new serum works effectively to bridge the gap between biological age and extrinsic skin appearance. It delivers instant results as well as firming, lifting and revitalising the look of prematurely-ageing skin over time.

In support of the launch of AGE Smart® Phyto-nature Firming Serum, Dermalogica have created Phyto Touch; combining the power of human touch and Artificial Intelligence it guides you through an application routine that tells you when, how much and where to apply Phyto-Nature Firming Serum.