Super serums revitalize dull, ageing skin

Casmara has launched three new super concentrated serums for ageing, dull and stressed skins.
Casmara Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate Casmara Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate has firming anti-ageing properties that re-densify and re-define facial contours. It features Hyaluronic acid of four molecular weights, fermented Shiunko oil and bio-intelligent peptides.
Casmara Rose D-Tox Super ConcentrateFor dull and stressed skin, Casmara Rose D-Tox Super Concentrate is formulated from botanic cells, White Rose, Blue Daisy and Wakame molecules. Cells are detoxified whilst energy levels are increased, and oxidative stress of the cells is reduced.
Casmara Night Cure Super ConcentrateCasmara Night Cure Super Concentrate is based on Matrix Age Technology and features Gotu Kola and Wild Moss extract. Collagen and Elastin are enhanced and genes responsible for skin regeneration are activated, whilst the cell ageing process is reversed. 

Casmara skincare products are available from the Eden Beauty Group.