Career Ladder

HD BROWS trainer Katie Everitt loved 
beauty from the very first course – and 
has worked hard to get to her current 
dream job.

Did you always want to go into beauty?
Yes ALWAYS! As soon as I finished secondary school I went for one year to Fernanda Scapatticci Collage in Castlebellingham to study ITEC, CIBTEC and CIDESCO. I loved the course from start to finish and became so passionate about all aspects of beauty from holistic treatments to beauty treatments.

What was your first job?
My first job was in a salon working as a junior therapist with my first 600 hours for my CIDESCO certificate. Here is where I found out what it was like to work in a 
salon environment, which is completely different to college, but I loved it! From there, I went to Monica Tolans Beauty Clinic. This is for me where I learned the most, how to work at a fast pace, to the best of my ability, client care and sales, along with been highly trained up all the time in new skincare and beauty treatments. After a year here I moved closer to home to La Spa Therapie for nine years and this was when my career started to take shape. I was dedicated and hard working and eventually I got to manage the spa at the age of 25! This was one of the most challenging yet amazing experiences of my career. 

What is your job now?
I work as a trainer for The Beauty School Ireland for HD BROWS teaching both salons and students new to the industry the art of this amazing brow brand. I get to travel around, working on different projects like inhouse training to doing live demos at the beauty shows and so much more! I also own a brow bar The Brow Beautique where I specialise in HD BROWS. We are now open five years and going from strength to strength. As I progressed I got the chance to work on TV on both Dancing with the Stars and The Voice Of Ireland, perfecting brows, which was a fabulous experience.

What have been the biggest turning points in your career?
Getting hired as a trainer for HD BROWS for The Beauty School! To this day, it's the highlight of my whole career. The start was terrifying as I was going into a completely different career in teaching and out of my comfort zone! But the girls helped me each step of the way and six years on, this is still my dream job.

What is your ultimate ambition?
I'd love to expand my studio The Brow Beautique, and for it to be a success. A business can be hard to manage, maintain and make the right decisions. I also 
want to continue growing my career with teaching and progressing with the school as a trainer. It's my passion to teach what I love and to pass on skills and advice to the future therapists.

Have you had any setbacks over the years?
When you work in management and training there are setbacks all the time, from staff issues and dealing with client/student feedback good or bad. I learned over the years to keep my composure be professional and to learn and grow from each mistake. I think that setbacks in your career make you stronger.

What advice would you give a student who wants to achieve what you have achieved?
Just to believe in yourself. If you are dedicated and really want something you will get there, just don't let a little setback stop you from achieving your goals, learn 
from them and grow from them. I was working as a therapist and I'm now a trainer and a salon owner. Anything is achievable if you love what you do.