CND reveal Plexigel for common nail problems

CND Plexigel

Professional nail brand CND has revealed CND Plexigel, a new all-in-one nail enhancement system created to solve common nail problems such as broken, torn, chipped or flat nails. 

Delivered in a brush-on formulation, it provides over three weeks of strength, length and shape, and repairs chips, cracks and splits.

There is no mixing or dipping required, and its self-levelling formulation allows smooth and precise application. The finish is tough yet flexible, and can be left clear or topped with a CND colour.

The CND Plexigel system includes a basecoat Bonder, Shaper brush-on gel enhancement to shape and smooth nails, Builder to achieve longer length, and Protector Top Coat. 

CND™ Plexigel is removable, or nails can be rebalanced every three weeks without the need for removal.

Commenting on the launch of Plexigel, CND co-founder, Jan Arnold, says:

“At CND, we are always striving to improve the quality and performance of our services. CND Plexigel is a game-changer for the professional nail industry and the clients that we so passionately serve. This innovation pushes the boundaries of premium service that CND stands for, giving you beautifully enhanced nails with ease and without any damage [when used as directed] to your natural nails.”