Bioglitter biodegradable glitter goes global

A company which created the world's first naturally degradable cosmetic glitter is taking the product international, having agreed partnerships with distributors worldwide.

Ronald Britton, based in the UK, launched its eco-friendly cosmetic glitter, Bioglitter® last year and now has agreements with Blue Sun International, which is distributing the product in the USA, Canada and Mexico, while they are also working with Look Chemicals in Brazil. 

Designed to tackle the problem of microplastic pollution caused by traditional polyester glitter, Bioglitter® is based on a plant based cellulose material, rather than plastic, which degrades naturally in the environment. Testing by OWS, an independent testing organisation, revealed that Bioglitter® sets a new environmental standard, degrading in the natural environment in only four weeks.

Stephen Cotton, commercial director at Ronald Britton Ltd, says: 

“We're extremely proud that Bioglitter® is accessible globally. Microplastic pollution is a huge problem not just in the UK, but across the globe and that's why it's vital that our Bioglitter is accessible worldwide."

Bioglitter is 92% plastic free, with the company aiming to launch a completely plastic free version this year.