Protect skin from redness & damage during sun exposure

Bioderma Tinted Cream (Crème Teintée) As someone with fair, sensitive skin, the onset of summer sun is something my complexion struggles with. Wearing high factor specific sun protection to prevent sun damage and redness has sometimes caused breakouts, so when I had the opportunity to try Bioderma's Tinted Cream with SPF50+ I was keen to see how my skin would react and whether I'd finally found a balance between effective high level sun protection and skin care.

Not only does Bioderma's Photoderm range offer very high external UVA/UVB protection preventing sunburn and sun allergies, the brand's patented Cellular Bioprotection™, with Mannitol and Ectoin, works internally to activate the skin's natural defences, protecting cells and reducing premature cutaneous ageing.

Whilst using, I noticed the redness I usually experience during sun exposure was significantly reduced; this was thanks to the formulation's patented Rosactiv™ complex which acts on the microvessels that cause redness, and Enoxolone, a molecule derived from liquorice, which instantly soothes skin redness.

Bioderma's Tinted Cream also features a natural colour tint suitable for fair skins, so can be used for a subtle colour wash and an evening out of the complexion, without the need to apply other foundation products. Unlike some other tinted SPF products, I found this really pleasant to reapply during the day without any stickiness or heaviness on the skin.

After using the product over a week long period during a hot week in spring, my skin feels hydrated and soft, without any tightness sometimes experienced from sun exposure, and with a noticeable reduction in redness compared to usual sun exposure (and so far, I am breakout free).

Bioderma's Tinted Cream (Crème Teintée) is part of the brand's Photoderm specifics range targeting specific skin concerns. In addition, the Bioderma Max range and Photoderm Bronz ranges are also available.