Beauty talks: Meet BeautyPro's Anthony Veloso

Yazmine Lomax, marketing and communications executive at Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies, talks with the best in the beauty business.

Yazmine Lomax FlairAnthony Veloso, Marketing and Brand Manager at award-winning sheet mask company BeautyPro, knows a thing or two about the skincare industry. Here, he offers the insider scoop on upcoming trends to help professionals stay ahead of the game. 

Thanks for chatting with me, Anthony! Jumping right in, where do you feel the skincare industry is right now? 
Consumers nowadays pay a lot more attention to their skin and, of course, their skincare regimes. They want result-driven products. 

The big trends of vegan and clean beauty are playing a big part in skincare too because consumers want to ensure the products they use on their skin are ethically sourced and sustainable. 

Speaking of trends, what upcoming movements should skincare specialists be aware of?
Vegan and clean beauty and skincare are still set to be big trends for the future. With consumers now more conscious than ever about the types of products they put on their skin, there's also a big focus on ingredients, specifically superfood ingredients such as Turmeric and Avocado which provide excellent benefits to the skin.

Anthony Veloso BeautyPro
"The growth of social media has played a big part in the growth of male grooming - men want that Instagram-ready selfie too!" says Anthony Veloso of BeautyPro.
We're seeing a real increase in the number of men becoming more interested in skincare. Why do you think this is? How can the industry work with this?
The growth of social media has played a big part in the growth of male grooming - men want that Instagram-ready selfie too! Men, like women, are also concerned with signs of ageing, like wrinkles, and want products that can help tackle those skincare concerns. 

Everyone really is skincare obsessed at the moment! So many bloggers and influencers are focusing on it too. Do you think this is a good thing?
I think more bloggers and influencers talking about skincare is a great thing! It's important everyone looks after their skin and feels comfortable with how they look so further awareness of skincare products that can help to solve common skincare problems is definitely a good thing. 

For sure! To finish up, Anthony, what are your top three skincare tips?
Drink plenty of water, find products that work for you, and keep your skin hydrated! 

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