Artdeco reveal seasonal cosmetics collection

In time for Christmas, Artdeco has revealed its latest colour cosmetics launch, the Awaken Your Golden Goddess Glamour Collection.

The collection features eyeshadows, mascara, blush, lip and shimmer products in glittering packaging, ideal for creating glamourous looks however we celebrate the festivities this year. 

For skin, the collection's light-reflecting and nourishing Illuminating Primer creates an even and radiant complexion while small wrinkles and blemishes are blurred. The creamy texture is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feel soft thanks to its natural oils and vitamins C and E. 

On cheeks, Artdeco Golden Goddess Blush Couture palette offers a combination of two shades which flatter all skin tones, applied individually or blended together. It comes in glittering star design packaging, and is lanolin-, mineral oil-, paraben- and fragrance-free.

Artdeco Awaken Your Golden Goddess Eyeshadow JewelsFor eyes, Artdeco Eyeshadow Jewels have intense, metallic pigments and glitter particles with a soft and creamy texture. New colours include Sparkle Shooting Star No. 810, a light silver; Sparkle Moon Dust No. 820, a dark anthracite; Sparkle Plum Pudding N°830, a deep purple; Sparkle Rich Copper No. 840, a shimmering copper; Metal Auburn No. 860, a reddish brown; Metal Espresso No. 870, a dark brown; Metal Nougat Cream No. 880, a light nougat shade; and Metal Devine Gold No. 890, an elegant gold.

Enhance eyes further with Artdeco's Amazing Effect Mascara in limited edition packaging with a mini brush that coats even the smallest and finest lashes resulting in sensationally voluminous lashes and bigger looking eyes.

Keep Eyeshadow Jewels safe in Artdeco's Awaken Your Golden Goddess Beauty Box Trio Limited Edition with a golden design, which you can also for other magnetic Artdeco products. 

Complete the look with Artdeco Lip Jewels sparkling lipsticks with a multidimensional effect. Formulated with comforting Brazil nut oil and vitamin E, these lipsticks come in new shades of Pink Positive No.18, a pink shimmer, golden-shade Summer Lights No. 36;  Purple Stars No. 24, a glamorous violet, and Showgirl, No.30, the ultimate elegant red.

Add a spritz of Artdeco's Crystal Beauty Dust, in its elegant retro pump bottle, to add a final sparkle of fine, glitte powder particles to the arms, hair and décolleté.

Artdeco's Awaken Your Golden Goddess Collection is available for salons from Chleo Enterprises