Tinted Body Lotion formulated for paler skins

Alabaster Tinted Body Lotion

Alabaster have launched a new body make-up for those with a naturally paler skin tone who aren't fans of fake tans. 

Alabaster Tinted Body Lotion is available in two multi-tasking shades providing light-medium coverage of bruises, scars and spots. With buildable coverage so you can hide as much of your natural colour as you like, the lotion stays put with a light dusting of translucent powder.

“Bouncing lots of light off pale skin is a key cosmetic need, as it visually slims pale skin. Also, because there's little melanin to cover flaws, pale skin can be more transparent and show veins and flaws more easily.  So, creating opacity is another way to create the ideal pale skin,” say the brand.  

Alabaster Tinted Body Lotion

The lotion is glitter and shimmer free, but has a high gloss non-oily effect to offer a three-dimensional shine. 

Kind to skin, key ingredients hyaluronate, rich emollients and botanical extracts used in Chinese Medicine.

The Alabaster brand has been established by Dr Esther Coats who has spent years developing expertise in the pigmentation, optics and dermatological needs of pale skin.