Meet the Irish Beauty Team

Job Role

As the Managing Director of Irish Beauty it is my responsibility to overview new launches, innovations and strategies whilst managing the smooth operational day to day running of the office, employees and ensuring strategic targets are set and achieved.

Much of my role now is the business planning, research and development of the current and new brand opportunities. I do also still take a very active role with client relationships and marketing - this is where my passion and background is. 

Brand Irish Beauty sits with a portfolio of businesses including Associated Irish Therapists (AIT), Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT) and My internal leadership role of the group also entails me being ultimately responsible for implementing the Company's long and short term plans. As the founder of AIT / ABT, I also act as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company amd communicate to Directors on behalf of management team. 

Interesting Facts about Dave

What is your favourite beauty treatment:

Spray Tan

Which famous celebrity do people say you most look like:

Brad Pitt normally... In my dreams!

How best would you describe your personality as a cocktail and explain why: 

Long Island Iced Tea - the official description of this drink covers it for me..."A combination of 5 different alcohols. Mention Long Island Iced Tea at a party and almost everyone has a story to tell.."

What is your best feature:

Does a receding hair line count? Other than that, my fantastic sense of irony...

When you have 30minutes of free- time, how do you pass the time:

With my daughter, we grab all available free time to play games, chat or generally be silly together.

Contact Information


Tel: 1800 625 180 (ROI)

Tel: 01789 773434 (UK)